How to Join the Summit using Microsoft Teams 

 The 2023 Justice Summit will use Microsoft Teams (Teams) as its virtual communication platform.  

Participants can access the Justice Summit through a computer (PC or Mac), using the web browsers Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, or by using the Teams desktop application. Participants can also access the Summit on a mobile device (phone, tablet, or Chromebook) by using the Teams mobile app.  


Summit Teams Recommendations 

The Justice Summit Coordination Team recommends that participants access the Summit though the use of a computer and using the Teams Desktop application 


The computer should have: 

  • a camera and microphone 
  • video and audio communication enabled 
  • a high-speed internet connection (minimum 25 Mbps) 
  • updated antivirus software 

 Please download Teams and install it in advance of the Summit if it is not already on your computer or mobile device. 


Joining the Summit on a Computer 

The best way to join the online Summit meeting in Teams is through the link in the email invitation or through your calendar.  Select the “join the meeting” link in your email invitation or via the calendar. If you already have the Teams desktop app, the meeting may open there automatically. If you do not have the app, you will be directed to a website where you can select to continue using a browser, or to join on the Teams app (see below).  


If you choose to continue using a browser, your browser may ask permission for Teams to use your mic and camera. Select Allow.


If you don’t have a Teams account, you will be asked to enter your name before joining the meeting. 


Joining the Summit on mobile

To get the best of Teams meetings on mobile, download and install the Teams mobile app. The app can be downloaded from this link or through your device’s app store.  

Once the Teams mobile app is installed on your device, click on the meeting link in the email invitation or through your calendar. The App will ask if you would like to “join the meeting” (for if you do not have a Teams account) for “sign in and join” (if you do have one). If you select “join the meeting,” you will be asked to enter your name before joining the meeting. 

Detailed instructions on how to access a Teams meeting from multiple sources can be found at Microsoft Support.  


Downloading Microsoft Teams 

If you want to attend the Summit using the app (recommended), you can download the Teams Desktop App directly from the Microsoft Canada website and install the app in advance of the Summit. The Microsoft Teams app may launch after the install is complete and you may see a log in screen — ignore it and close the app down. 

Access the Justice Summit through either the link provided in the email invitation or calendar. The Microsoft Teams app will automatically open and you will be connected to the meeting. In some cases, your browser may open first and ask you for permission to open Microsoft Teams — click on “Open” or “OK” and the app will open and connect you to the meeting. 


Teams System Requirements 

The Justice Summit Coordination Team recommends that participants access the Summit though the use of a computer (PC or Mac) and the Teams application. The computer should: 

  • be equipped with a camera and microphone 
  • have video and audio communication ready and  
  • be connected to a high-speed internet connection (a minimum 25 Mbps) 
  • have Updated Antivirus software 

 The Summit meeting will also be accessible on mobile through the mobile Teams application. However, because of the length and structure of the Summit, the use of a computer remains highly recommended. 

 For firewall issues, please contact your organization’s IT personnel to allow downloading of Microsoft Teams on your computer or mobile device. 

 For more information on hardware requirements, please visit the Microsoft Canada website.  


Summit Technical Support 

If you are unable to connect to the Justice Summit Plenary or Breakout sessions on Teams, please call the toll-free Justice Summit technical support line at 1-866-996-3222 or email Specify that you require assistance related to the Justice Summit so your call can be appropriately directed.  

 Participants are encouraged to test their camera, speaker/headset, and microphone settings in Teams in advance of the Summit. Please contact Summit technical support if you have any questions or technical issues. 


Setting Up Before Justice Summit 2022 

Check your audio and video settings before joining the videoconference: Get familiar with your audio/video equipment to determine the best placement and learn how to operate it successfully.  

 Ensure the camera is at an ideal distance from you: The camera should be far enough from you that your upper body can be seen (hand gestures) and that there is a bit of space around your head.  

 Control the light: Check lighting before joining the Summit meeting. Do not backlight yourself by having a bright light source (e.g. window, lamp) behind you as this will make it more difficult for participants to see you. Try to have sufficient but indirect lighting from the front.  

 Use headphones or a headset with a microphone to eliminate echoes and background noise. 

Find a location with a strong signal: Stay close to the access point for Wi-Fi. If you can, 

connect your laptop through a cable to the network.