Technical Support:

For all technology questions and/or issues connecting to the Summit, please contact our Teams Support below and mention you are joining the Justice Summit:

Toll free: 1-866-996-3222


Other Questions:

For housekeeping or content questions, please email and someone from the Justice Summit Coordination Team will get back to you.


The Justice Summit maintains the principles of non-partisanship, non-attribution, and respect for organizational and statutory independence. Therefore, participant contributions will not be attributed to specific individuals or organizations. Moreover, while the 2023 Justice Summit will be convened through a virtual format, the recording of any sessions by participants is strictly prohibited. We are grateful for the participation of members of the judiciary in the Justice Summits. We trust, consistent with previous years, that everyone will respect that because of the courts’ independent role, judges and judicial staff participate as observers and will not be commenting on, endorsing or suggesting policy choices, recommendations or other substantive matters.