As per the Justice Reform and Transparency Act (2013), Justice Summits are held a minimum of once per year on a variety of topics to facilitate innovation in, and collaboration across, the justice and public safety sector.  The 2023 Report of Proceedings will be available on the BC Justice Reform website in early 2024.

The Justice Summit maintains the principles of non-partisanship, non-attribution, and respect for organizational and statutory independence. Therefore, participant contributions will not be attributed to specific individuals or organizations. Moreover, while the 2023 Justice Summit will be convened through a virtual format, the recording of any sessions by participants is strictly prohibited.

We are grateful for the participation of members of the judiciary in the Justice Summits. We trust, consistent with previous years, that everyone will respect that because of the courts’ independent role, judges and judicial staff participate as observers and will not be commenting on, endorsing or suggesting policy choices, recommendations or other substantive matters.

Format: The Justice Summit will consist of three sessions which confront challenges of community safety from different collaborative perspectives. Each session will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss and speak to their perspective on the items and initiatives presented.


Additional information:

The Summit will be facilitated by Megan Harris, Assistant Deputy Minister, Public Safety Transformation Team, Policing and Security Branch, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

The Summit is pleased to have Elder James Taylor providing opening and closing ceremonies for the event, providing support to participants, as well as participating in the Summit conversations. James will be available throughout the Summit, except for between 12-1:30pm, to provide private support to Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants — for example, if you are feeling triggered, need to talk or want to have a virtual smudge.