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This section provides information and guidance to support you through the criminal justice system in British Columbia. It also helps you learn more about the services and resources available to you.

Anyone can become involved with the criminal justice system at any time, voluntarily or involuntarily. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and intimidating. To make your experience easier, this website provides information and support for people in contact with the criminal justice system.

If you are a victim or witness to crime, accused or convicted (offender) of committing a crime, juror, or family member or friend of someone involved with the criminal justice system then you will find this section useful. It can help address your questions and describe the process you may experience.

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Youth in B.C. between the age of 12 and 17 who commit a crime or are accused of committing a crime will go through the Youth Justice System. For more information, please visit: Youth Justice.

Police, Crown counsel and Victim Service Workers play important roles in the criminal justice system. To learn more about them, please visit: Key Parts of Criminal Justice System.

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